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Patient Testimonials

"Coolsculpting has been such a great way for me to improve my self confidence and feel great in my clothes! Stubborn fat has disappeared and I love what I see in the mirror!” "

Debra, Age 47

"Ever since I was a teenager, I have had severe acne. I have been very self-conscious about the old scars left on my face from years of acne breakouts. After three Laser Genesis treatments, I have smoother, softer skin and I don’t notice the scars as much. It was painless and I only wish I knew about it years ago!"

Eve, Age 39

"My friends used to say I always looked tan. Now I realized its because of years of sun exposure, freckles and age spots. I was really looking for a chance to lighten my face and remove these dark spots. After 2 IPL treatments almost all of my freckles and spots have disappeared. I love not having to hide my complexion under makeup! "

Stephanie, Age 51

"Rosacea runs in my family! All the women have red faces and noses! I used to hate when I would get flushed or have a glass of wine and my face would light up! The redness was really obvious and made me look like I was flushed all the time! 2 IPL treatments over 4 months have left me with no more rosacea and brighter skin! I am hooked!"

Natalie, age 44

"I have really struggled since going into menopause. I have had chronic dryness and yeast infections. Intimacy has been hard and painful. The Mona Lisa Touch treatment has given me back comfort and confidence. I also don’t need to worry when I cough or sneeze anymore! Thank you so much for giving me back this part of my life!"

Karen, Age 55

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