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Women are Calling This “Life Changing.”


See a Slimmer You. Eliminate Unwanted Fat
Without Surgery or Downtime.


Be the You that You Remember!
Lift & Firm Sagging Skin Without Surgery.

Laser Treatments

Erase the Wrinkles of Time!

Welcome to Rejuvenate

Rejuvenate at Capital Woman’s Care is a full-service skin care center that aims to improve and enhance the appearance and function of the skin. Rejuvenate was designed to provide women with medical grade skin care services in a clinical setting by advanced practice nurses and physicians.

Julie Pistorio

Julie Pistorio MS, BSN, RN

Julie Pistorio is an advanced practice nurse with 18 years of clinical practice experience. With a Master’s degree in nursing, she has spent 13 years teaching at both the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins in areas of physical assessment and fundamental nursing practice. She is certified as an aesthetic nurse through the Aesthetic Skin Institute and is a Coolsculpting certified practitioner. Julie is a laser specialist who has trained with both Cutera and Cynosure laser companies. As a provider of the Mona Lisa Touch, Julie is trained in Fractional CO2 laser technology and a specialist in patient education.

Our Team

Julie Pistorio

Julie Pistorio


Dr. Jean Hundley

Dr. Jean Hundley


Dr. Marvin Davis

Dr. Marvin Davis


Clients & Testimonials

Coolsculpting has been such a great way for me to improve my self confidence and feel great in my clothes! Stubborn fat has disappeared and I love what I see in the mirror
~ Debra, Age 47
Ever since I was a teenager, I have had severe acne. I have been very self-conscious about the old scars left on my face from years of acne breakouts. After three Laser Genesis treatments, I have smoother, softer skin and I don’t notice the scars as much. It was painless and I only wish I knew about it years ago!
~ Eve, Age 39
My friends used to say I always looked tan. Now I realized its because of years of sun exposure, freckles and age spots. I was really looking for a chance to lighten my face and remove these dark spots. After 2 IPL treatments almost all of my freckles and spots have disappeared. I love not having to hide my complexion under makeup!
~ Stephanie, Age 51
Rosacea runs in my family! All the women have red faces and noses! I used to hate when I would get flushed or have a glass of wine and my face would light up! The redness was really obvious and made me look like I was flushed all the time! 2 IPL treatments over 4 months have left me with no more rosacea and brighter skin! I am hooked!
~ Natalie, age 44
I have really struggled since going into menopause. I have had chronic dryness and yeast infections. Intimacy has been hard and painful. The Mona Lisa Touch treatment has given me back comfort and confidence. I also don’t need to worry when I cough or sneeze anymore! Thank you so much for giving me back this part of my life!
~ Karen, Age 55

Our Location

7625 Maple Lawn Blvd #1, Lower Lobby Fulton, MD 20759

Phone: 410-531-7557

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Thursday 9:00am - 8:00pm
Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm

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